In winter there is a big snow square in the centre of François Longchamp 1650, on which several (mainly green) ski slopes end. Due to the modern ski lifts there are hardly queues - even in the high season. It is possible to do the shopping by ski in Village Gaulois or in Saint François Longchamp 1650 (bring a backpack!).

160 km ski slopes

The skiing area Le Grand Domaine lies around the famous mountain pass Col de la Madeleine. In the skiing area lie the villages François Longchamp and Valmorel. There are 160km ski slopes, varying from well prepared and broad green, blue and red slopes to not prepared long (buckel) slopes. Therefore the area is suited for the beginning as well as the advanced skier/snowboarder. It is good off-piste skiing/snowboarding with a new layer of snow. Besides there is a snowpark for snowboarders and freestylers.

   The télésiège above the chalets on 50 m walking distance
   gives access to the 160 km ski slopes.

   Moving-band-lift  – ideal for infants and beginning skiers -
   only on ca. 50 m walking distance.

  Splendid skiing for beginning and advanced skiers/snowboarders.

  The possibility to ski back to the chalet in one go from the Col de la
  Madeleine (or La Lauzière for the advaced skier).


Snow certainty

Due to the location of most of the ski slopes, the snow stays in good quality. And should there once be too little snow or the temperature be too high, than there are hundreds of snow canons in order to keep the ski slopes open.  

Unique: Skiing back to the chalet guaranteed; ski in ski out.

Ski pass sale

Ski passes are for sale next to the télésiège on ca. 50 metres walking distance from the chalets.  


The village has an excellent ski school.The lessons are mainly in French and English. In St.François Longchamp 1650 there is a special area for children to play and for the first skiing or snowboardlessons. Besides a babylift and a children caroussel, there is also a professional childcare for children up to 4 years of age.

Child friendly

Children can play safely in the private garden of the chalet or on the blind alley of the chalets. There is little traffic in the village itself as the through traffic to Col de la Madeleine is not passing through the village. On ca. 50 m walking distance from the chalets, there is a moving-band-lift with a ski slope to practice – ideal for small childresn. When the lifts are closed, it is good sledging near the lifts. 


Other activities

There is a possibility to paraglide, to make a tour on a dogsledge or in a balloon.